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about us

Ati Andishan Rata Company was established in 1393 with the aim of producing and supplying a health-oriented, quality, tasty and nutritious food chain. We entered this industry believing that our customers deserve the best and are our most valuable asset. We started our activity with the production of specialized peanut butter products under the Parano brand and we have always been leading in the direction of innovation and quality in order to offer the most diverse product portfolio in this field.

In this direction, with the aim of diversifying and better meeting the needs of customers, products such as breakfast chocolate, biscuit cream, sesame cream, candied fruit juice and various fruit juices such as date juice, grape juice, berry juice, We have continuously added figs, apple juice, and multi-juice combinations such as 3-juice, four-juice, and five-juice to our product portfolio. Also, types of sesame flour, herbal teas, and health drinks based on herbal teas are also among our products.

We hope that we can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and give happiness to all our customers.